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These pieces are original, creative works of nonfiction based on my true experiences. Each work is woven with my feelings, research and musings of that time.

These pieces vary in theme from in-depth examinations of socioeconomic privilege, to coping with familial loss, to long-form definitions of "birth." 


I hope you enjoy!

Maria Headshot 2a.jpg

I never liked Tom Petty, but he always makes an appearance on the mother-daughter road trip my mom and I take every summer. My mom loves a sporadic Tom Petty binge. She hums and zips down highways surrounded by trees; she listens like all his slurry words of love and animals and wildflowers are only for her ears.

Private Life

My neighbors were my best friends, my teachers and classmates. Our mothers got together on weekends and talked about funny stories, memories, and the weird things each other’s 7 year olds did yesterday.

2010 - present
Golden Years

In a dimly lit theater, crew members milled about the stage, getting ready for the curtain. I stood in the mezzanine in my crisp, white, way too large, Playhouse Square shirt and my black, work pants, watching them scatter. The crew members wore shirts and hoodies with a silhouette of Peter Pan on them.

2010 - present
Prose Sonnet

Hammered-in nails clutch to their hole in the wall, tightly wound inside the wooden panel in my basement. They are evenly spaced all along the wall, by my mother’s desk that is cluttered with bills, Excel sheets, and printed-out emails. From each silver nail hangs a rosary, and there are rosaries of all kinds.

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